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After 25 years, Justin Stitches has re-imagined itself! Vancouver's favourite embroidery store just got more inspired. We've changed our look, our name, added more fun ways for you to create and customize, while we collect and curate great art and design.
It happens right here, on Granville Island, Vancouver B.C.
What's Happening at Make:  
April 11, 2014.
The Wedding Mission
We've set out on an intergalactic quest to
re-think and re-inspire wedding gifts.
Introducing a stellar collection of originals

April 11, 2014.
Advice For the Next Stag/ette Party
Venue - check. Friends - Check. Food & Beverage - check. Party t-shirts? Check out our new collection of hilarious t-shirts worthy of...

March 20, 2014.
"B.C. As Westeros" is Now at Make
With less than a month left until the new season of Game of Thrones, we're stoked to be the exclusive printer of Andrew Cuthbert’s now famous graphic. Come to Make to find...
March 20, 2014.
Yes, These are Those!
Part art, part gift, part Tim Burton movie, "Those Great Little Books" are both books and journals. Pen your own thoughts right alongside...

March 20, 2014.
Coulda Been The Whisky...
Mighta been the epic flask! Trixie and Milo have arrived with a huge collection of fun designs for fun times. For all you drinkers on the go, make sure you...
March 6, 2014.
Top Of The Morning To Ya!
St. Patrick would beam with pride at our fun collection of lucky t-shirts and hats created in his honour. Yes indeed laddies and lasses, its time to get your green on because...
March 6, 2014..
It's a Beauty Way to Go.
If St. Patrick was alive, he'd be rocking one of these babies. The Pook Onezie is a look we like to call "Hozer Chique" and is the hallmark of this sophisticated collection!

Feb 20, 2014.
Feeling Proud. Getting Philosophical.
And what is the meaning of life if it's not to create? We live to make. Indeed, this is our mantra, and you can share it with us...
Feb 20, 2014.
The Cate and Levi Collection.
Colourful, soft, whimsical, fantabulous. These little creatures are everything you want for your own special creature. The best part is they're...
Feb 4, 2014.
Love (and Bacon) is in the Air
Struggling to express your emotions this Valentine's? Let us help. Roses and chocolate are ok, but perhaps what's really needed is...
Feb 4, 2014.
Its All About the People...
We're sending a little Valentine's love to the talented folks who MAKE us who we are. We love them. Click to meet our awesome staff!
Jan 17, 2014.
Cheers Captain!
What could be a better companion to your new boating creations than some hilarious beverage accessories.
Every happy hour needs...
Jan 17, 2014.
Splash Your Boat Name Around!
At Make, we have inspired staff and cool technology ready to create beautiful or hilarious gear for you boat. Click here to see...
Dec 27, 2013.
A Classic Tradition, Now On Sale.
Receive 20% off your first purchase and 25% off any additional Pendleton purchases. Check out fantastic prices on over 50 different Pendleton items during this special event...
Dec 19, 2013.
Write here. Write now.
Deep thoughts and next-level thinking are deserving of Make's own line of engraved journals.  Add a name and make it... 
Dec 19, 2013.
Sweet and Spicy Messages.
The engraver - check. Talented designers - check. Gorgeous wood cutting boards - check. When you get creative
with engraved cutting boards from Make you...
Nov 28, 2013.
Make it Easy for Santa!
With your choice of fabric and embroidered fonts, create a beautiful stocking so Santa knows...
Nov 28, 2013.
The Armchair Holiday Shopper.
Sit back, relax and soak up these holiday giving slideshows from Make. From gorgeous gifts to custom ideas, these shows will inspire you to...
Nov. 15, 2013.
Embroider Your Next Gift!
Make is designed so everyone can come in, be creative, and design an original embroidered item. Our love of embroidery shines, because we are...
Nov. 15, 2013.
Keep your Bunnies Cosy.
We are hat and toque connoisseurs. And yet we have never, ever seen hats for little ones that are quite this...
Oct 31, 2013.
Save the Date: November 9th.
Candy dishes, trivets, pot lids, serving trays... Lynda Carr restyles silver into wearable art. Come meet Lynda at this very special workshop.
Oct 31, 2013.
The Story Collection at Make.
Upcycling at its most beautiful. Antique buttons from the 1800's to the 1930's are transformed into beautiful, mysterious jewelry with...
Oct 17, 2013.
Halloween Headquarters!
We know how to cook up some fun. With creative Halloween ideas, original t-shirts or costume gags, come visit Make and...
Oct 3, 2013.
TV Show Breaking Bad Visits Make
In reference to the cultural significance of the most successful TV series in history, yours truly hits the spotlight...
Oct 3, 2013.
Time for Some More Bacon!
And so much more. Funky, silly, clever and sleek, this 2nd Edition proves that sometimes you need to do things...
Sept 19, 2013.
Our Fantastic Fall Collection: 1st Edition.
Rock Around the Clock! From vintage vinyl to funky french bulldogs, we're rockin' our new fall collection. Come down and bring your party shoes because...
Aug 23, 2013.
We LIKE School!
Its the time of year for adults and kids to get back at it! We make it fun. From hilarious back to school t-shirts to fun stuff for your desk, we fully admit that
Aug 8, 2013.
Get Creative with Embroidery.
Don't just give a gift, create one! We know how to make beautiful embroidery and we've got special gifts in-store to showcase it.
Aug 8, 2013.
Laser Engraved Gorgeousness.
Beautiful gifts look stunning with an engraved message and we've got both in-store. Another of our creative technologies...
July 11, 2013.
Summer of Love!
This VW Camper Van tent is just the beginning. At Make, the fish aren't jumpin', the cotton ain't high, but you can rest assured..
June 13, 2013.
Hats Off to our Hat Special!
It's our specialty for 27 years. For one or one-hundred, we've got embroidered hat deals like you've never seen them...
June 13, 2013.
#1 Dad!
You know he loves that mug more than anything, but this year let's take things to the next level. These heartfelt customized and hilarious gift ideas tell Dad he's...
May 29, 2013.
To Vancouver: Love, Make.
We've channeled our feelings for you, Vancouver, into a tribute set designed and produced in-store. Our brand new Skyline Tribute Set is nothing less than...
May 29, 2013.
This time, It's About You!
Your beautiful memories, Vancouver's beautiful sights. What to do with the hundreds of amazing pictures stored in your phone? Show you Vancouver and...
May 2, 2013.
Next-Level T-shirt Printing.
Never underestimate the power of the t-shirt message. Our kickin' new machine makes it happen in-store, lickety-split, on any shirt...
May 22, 2013.
End of Season Sale!
Our apparel Sale Starts May 22nd! Come early for the best selection and shop an amazing selection of brands!
May 2, 2013.
The Best Creative Gifts for Mom.
Embroider your emotions. Laser engrave an inside joke. Print a picture that will make her smile. Do it all on beautiful gifts and create...
April 19, 2013.
Cool Modern Keepsakes.
Our new imm collection. Its when retail therapy meets traditional, collectable, antique. With imm you've found... 
April 19. 2013.
A Respect for Tradition.
Pendleton clutches, bags, muchachos and blankets, inspired by 140 years of North
American legend. Get cosy knowing that...
April 3, 2013.
Create a Party Uniform.
At Make, we love a good party. And a recent stag party has left us feeling inspired. When a fantastic love story meets talented design, what you end up with is...
April 3, 2013.
Sleek. Upcycled. Customized.  
Eco Rings is a university project we're
proud to support. With students this bright, the future looks...
March 20, 2013.
This Bud's About You.  
Customizable beer labels in 7 different
designs just rendered your next stag party even more...
March 20, 2013.
Get Some Gummy Bear Flair.
With Make's deliciously inedible selection of GummyGoods you just might think you've died and gone to....
March 6, 2013.
Gear for Guys.
Some might think of us as girlie and crafty but underneath all the cutesie we're rough and tumble with a great selection of...

March 6, 2013.
Good Times in a Jar.  
We're not exactly sure when drinking became
so sophisticated. What we do know is that Happy Hour just became...            
Februrary 20, 2013.
The Amazing Party Animals!
They're cute, they're funky, they're hip-to-dip but the best part is they have the EXACT same...
February 20, 2013.
What is a Woolbuddy and what can you do with them? 
Buford and his buds are new here at Make and they've got a lot to offer. Adopt him, create him on your own or throw him a...
February 7, 2013.
Calling All Captains!
Don't get shipwrecked with mismatched gear. Customized crew gear from 35% off.
February 7, 2013.
MV Fish and Chicks.
And other nautical treasures. Custom ideas for boats and boaters that will blow you away.
January 24, 2012.
Customized Creative Gifts of Love.
If you can't say it on a flask, then really when can you say it? Fun, sentimental and alarmingly loving media for your messages.
January 24, 2012.
The Show 'em the Love Collection.
Heap it on by the spoonful, and then some. And if you're going to give flowers, give them by the can. Click for inspiration.
December 18, 2012
And the Winner is... Snoopy!
Over 1000 people voted in the Making Dough for Charity gingerbread house contest and the winner took home $1000 for the BC SPCA. Our auction raised $9000 for 8 great charities!
December 17, 2012
The Armchair Holiday Shopper!
Sit back, relax, start (and finish) your list! Give gifts with a custom quote, name or flair!
December 17, 2012 
Custom Embroidered Stockings
You've been Nice! So make sure Santa knows which stocking is yours. Create a beautiful Holiday keepsake for your favorite elves. It's easy, classic, and thoughtful.
December 7, 2012
The Wood Collection - Personalized.
Our selection of unique, hand-crafted and artisan-made wooden gifts is hard to beat. But then, add a personal message with laser engraving and we guess we just did!
Nov 7, 2012
Maker of the Month - Claudia Stewart
Claudia created a beautiful portrait of her mom with some help from our digital printer!
Nov 7, 2012
Designer Pockets!
You are unique, from your head to your toe and now to your pocket. Its the latest creative invention unpocketed by the folks at Make!
Oct 24, 2012
CcommeCa of Montreal.
Its when good old fashioned felt meets luxurious leather and impeccable style.  Its that certain French Canadian je ne sais quoi.
Oct 24, 2012
Super SALE on Merkley Brand Premium Hats
Take something high quality and add classic craftsmanship. This top-notch hat brand is now specially priced with embroidery included.
Oct 10, 2012
Sad Jason and More!
No time to make a costume? Come to Make and see our hilarious Halloween graphics; its a digital freak out!
Oct 10, 2012
Hilarious Halloween Hits
Whether you're looking for a simple splash of goulish flair, or the final piece to this year's epic costume, Make is your Halloween headquarters!
Sept 26, 2012
Our Maker of the Month: The Lipstick Project
Dedicated to lifting the spirits of hospital patients, The Lipstick Project folks came to make for a little make-over.
Sept 26, 2012 
Kristen Ross Designs
A jewelry line new to Make, this designer up-cycles vintage buttons into beautiful accessories. Come on down and button up.
Sept 12, 2012
GO! Vancouver Gets Schooled.
Make was featured on the debut show of "GO! Vancouver" where we happily show off our best back to school finds..

Aug 29, 2012
Flowfold and Anonum: Up-cycled Magic!
Sail cloth or printing blankets - take something used, re-purpose it, make it awesome. That's up-cycling and we love it.
Fun Back to School items at Makevancouver.com
Aug 29, 2012
Back to School Part 2: For Students!
Hey kids! With so much to choose from, Make NOSE how to make Back to School rule!
Aug 15, 2012
Back to School - Let the Hilarity Ensue!
From the shirt to the desk. Teachers - show your wild side!

Aug 15, 2012
How Proud is YOUR Lawyer?
Did you know Lawyers could party this hard? Neither did we! Maker of the Month...
Jul 31, 2012
MOV Neon and Make.
We're proud to be one of a few retailers in Vancouver carrying new Neon....
Jul 31, 2012
Happy Pride T-shirt Special!
Gay Che is just the beginning.  Have we got deals and designs for you proud people
Jul 18, 2012
Cold One Anyone?
A cold beer is great.  But, a beer with hilarious and handy beer accessories is even better. Intrigued?
Jul 18, 2012
Maker of the Month: Paloma and Sam.
Paloma and Same came into Make to create their very own Canada Day T-shirts! 
Jul 4, 2012
Facebook Fiesta!
Hey You! Like us on Facebook to see what's going on at Make and gain access to exclusive promotions.
Jul 4, 2012
For the Writers, Inside and Out.
Your thoughts on the inside for you, your message on the outside for the world. See our fantastic journal selection and learn about laser engraving gifts at Make.
Jun 20, 2012
Mariclaro meets Vancouver.
This sleek little number is upcycled from a classic Mercedes Benz. Love bikes? Love cars? Love film? Then this is your thing.